For Parents

PLAY for Parents

PLAY (Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth) was developed by Dr. Dean Kriellaars at the University of Manitoba to support the development and advancement of a participant’s physical literacy—their ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities, and in multiple settings in support of their overall healthy development.

The program is designed to be a motivating and efficient way to provide valuable information and feedback to participants and leaders about the progress and attainment of physical literacy.

The PLAYfun tool is used by a trained professional to observe a child in 18 fundamental skills/tasks, such as running, throwing, kicking and balance.

The PLAYself tool was designed to provide an assessment of a child’s perception of their own physical literacy. The tool also compares the child’s interest in physical literacy relative to numeracy and literacy.

By using all of the PLAY tools, participants will improve their:

  • awareness about physical literacy – the meaning of physical literacy and why it is important to develop in order to make healthy lifestyle choices;
  • awareness of their own active participation and movement skills;  
  • ability to set and meet individualized goals to enhance their physical literacy levels.

Motivation to participate in an activity comes from having encouragement, adequate motor skill abilities, and a safe and welcoming environment. The more a child participates, the more confident they become; conversely, if they don’t participate, they will begin to lack confidence and self-esteem.