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PLAY | Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth

PLAY stands for Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth

PLAY is a series of physical literacy observation tools that were developed by Sport for Life to determine the level of an individual’s physical literacy.

For teachers, parents, coaches, group leaders & participants.

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The Physical Literacy Assessment (observation) for Youth Tools:

PLAYbasic is a simplified version of PLAYfun that can be administered quickly by a trained professional in movement analysis to provide a snapshot of a child’s level of physical literacy.

PLAYfun provides an observation of key movement skills performed by the child. The tool itself is made up of 18 tasks that cover the child’s physical abilities. Each ability is graded on a four-point rubric with the following categories: Initial, Emerging, Competent and Proficient.

PrePLAY was developed by researchers with expertise in motor development in early childhood for educators who work with children ages 18 months to kindergarten entry.

PLAYself is a self-evaluation form used by a child to determine their perception of their physical literacy.

AdaptedPLAY is a modified version of PLAY basic that can be administered by a trained professional to determine the level of physical literacy in children and youth with disabilities.

What is Physical Literacy?

People who have developed their physical literacy enjoy the competence, confidence and motivation to participate in a variety of sports and physical activities. As a result, they are more likely to stay active throughout their life.

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Catalysts for Lasting Change

At Sport for Life, we’re not waiting for change to happen. We’re making it happen. Our nationally recognized not for profit organization consists of sport and physical literacy experts with the long-term vision necessary to be catalysts for lasting change within the sport and physical activity ecosystem and beyond.

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