Adapted PLAY

What is AdaptedPLAY?

AdaptedPLAY is a modified version of PLAYbasic that can be administered by a trained professional to determine the level of physical literacy in children and youth with disabilities. This tool was developed by Adapted Physical Activity experts in collaboration with a master’s student as part of their master’s thesis research. The AdaptedPLAY tool assesses 5 key fundamental movement tasks (which can be completed with or without the use of a mobility device).

Tasks from PLAYfun or PLAYbasic may be incorporated based on the abilities of the child or youth being observed. The 5 AdaptedPLAY tasks are not an exclusive list of tasks that should be used for all children and youth with disabilities and is intended to add to the existing repertoire of observation tasks found in PLAYfun. For example, a child who uses a wheelchair may have full use of their upper body, thus it could be realistic for them to be observed on upper body object manipulation tasks found in PLAYfun such as a one-handed catch or the hand dribble tasks.

We believe that by giving choices and options in what observation tasks are appropriate for a child or youth with a disability based on their own unique physical literacy journey supports a more holistic approach to movement – exactly what physical literacy is all about.