What is PLAYself?

 PLAYself is a self-evaluation form used by a child to determine their perception of their physical literacy.

To simplify things, we’ve broken down PLAYself into four subsections:

  1. Environment
  2. Physical Literacy Self-Description
  3. Relative Ranking of Literacies
  4. Fitness

Who can use PLAYself?

Anyone can use PLAYself with a particular child or group of children: parents, coaches, exercise professionals, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and recreation professionals.

When used in conjunction with the other PLAY tools, PLAYself helps to establish a baseline assessment of the child’s current level of physical literacy. Parents, coaches, exercise professionals and others can then use the baseline to create goals for each child and track improvement.

You and the child should mutually establish realistic goals (where the child wants to be) and a manageable process to reach them.

You can easily use PLAYself with a group of kids. Make sure they understand what is being asked, and keep the discussion of answers between kids to a minimum.


  1. Ask children to answer each question to the best of their abilities.
  2. Score their answers with the help of the PLAYself Scoresheet.
  3. Take action: View a list of suggested actions in your PLAYself Workbook or on the registered side of our website.


  • Make sure the children know there are no right or wrong answers
  • Use the rule: “If you don’t know, don’t answer”
  • In a group setting, each child should complete the questionnaire on their own
  • Assist the child if they don’t understand a question, but don’t offer opinions that might influence their answer