Removing a Participant from a Group

This tutorial explains how to remove a participant from one of your groups. For more tutorials, go to your Leader Dashboard.

Overview of steps

  • Select the group with view/edit link from your Dashboard
  • Access the Group Feature
  • Select participants you want to remove
  • Execute “Remove from group” operation


1. To access the Group feature, simply click on the "View/Edit Group" link below the group of your choice, and then proceed to the “Group” Tab. Click on the “People” link to proceed.


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a list of all members in this group. Use the check boxes to determine which members you want to remove.


3. Once you have selected all members that you want to remove from this group, click on the “- Choose an operation –“ drop down menu. Select “Remove from group”, and then click the “EXECUTE” button just to the right of the drop down menu.


4. If you accidentally deleted a member, the participant will have to request permission to re-join your group. They can do so in their participant dashboard.