PLAY Objectives

The PLAY tools were designed to provide information related to physical literacy of children and youth (ages 7 and up).  These tools can be used for research, for program evaluation, for engagement of children & parents, for surveillance, and for awareness.

    The PLAY tools consist of:

  • PLAY Fun – objective assessment of competence, confidence, comprehension of movement skills and tasks (sequences) 

  • PLAY Coach – coach/physical education teacher/kinesiologist/physiotherapist assessment of a child

  • PLAY Parent – parental assessment of a child

  • PLAY Self  – child’s self assessment

  • PLAY Basic – short form of PLAY Fun

  • PLAY Inventory  –  inventory of activities - participation

The tools can be used separately or in combination to provide insight into a child’s status in their physical literacy journey.

The ultimate goal is to use PLAY Tools to aid in developing individual or group programming for the development of physical literacy as it is the gateway to an active lifestyle.