Run there and back


For this task, you’ll need 2 pylons (5 metres apart)


 “I want you to run a straight line to the pylon, stop, turn around, and run back. I want you to run to the line, turn around, and run back as best you can. Ready? Run now.”


three young children running in a linethree young children turning 180 degrees before the continue running                                                               

  Rating System



Presence of numerous major gaps in execution

  • Stumbles, slips or trips repeatedly
  • Does not exhibit flow in transitions
  • Movement is disjointed
  • Oversteps lines
  • Slow speed
  • Running form missing key features 


Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task

  • Arm movements and leg movements only synchronized in some phases, not all
  • Sliding stop or shuffle-step stop
  • Basic features of mature running form observed
  • Rounded turnaround is evident 



     Basic level of execution with minor     sequencing errors

  • Motion is along a straight line there and back
  • Good speed (jog to run)
  • Pivoting turn that is not fluid or quick, but is successful
  • Mature running form is evident


     Overall proficiency is depicted by the         quality of the movements

  • Sprint speed
  • Accelerates rapidly
  • Decelerates in control to a momentary stop
  • Pivots and changes direction in a continuous manner
  • Arms and legs used purposefully for propulsion


Assessment Example

After running Josephine through the first task, Sylvain decides to see how she does at the second task: Run there and back. Sylvain sees that while Josephine still has some developing to do, her technique is stronger when she runs in a straight line for a longer distance.

As Josephine accelerates, she still tends to lean forward and flap her arms, but as she gets going she runs with a more upright posture and uses her arms more for propulsion than for flailing. However, Sylvain sees that as she approaches the pylon and begins to slow in preparation for turning, she comes to a stuttering stop and almost oversteps the line

Sylvain recognizes that Josephine has some developmental areas that definitely need work and refinement, but he’s also aware that she has some strengths in her technique as well. He places a mark near the halfway mark under “Emerging”.