Kick ball


For this task, you’ll need:

  • A large wall (target area )
  • 1 pylon (4 metres away from the wall)
  • Soccer ball (or similar)
  • Marker on wall placed 1 metre above the ground


“I want you to kick the ball at the wall. You can kick the ball with one foot – whichever foot you like. I want you to kick the ball with one foot as best you can. Try to kick the ball above the marker on the wall. Please try to kick the ball as best you can above the marker. Ready? Kick now.”

Rating System



Presence of numerous major gaps in execution

  • Missed the ball due to a lack of coordination and timing
  • No synchrony between upper and lower body
  • Support leg and foot are poorly planted
  • Whip-like kicking action with no follow-through
  • No speed or ball control
  • Kicks with toe


Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task

  • Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task:
  • Speed of ball is slow
  • Some evidence of directional control is present
  • Foot contact reasonably solid



     Basic level of execution with minor     sequencing errors

  • Ball is directed appropriately
  • Speed of ball is good


     Overall proficiency is depicted by the     quality of the movements

  • Ball is powerfully propelled in a controlled direction
  • Upper body leads lower body
  • Strong follow-through is present

Assessment Example

Betty coaches a U11 girls' soccer team. Based on the PLAYfun Tool, she decides to have them all kick a ball over a one-metre line on the wall as a way to gauge their kicking skill.

One of the girls, Vanessa, lacks coordination and often misses the ball. When she does kick the ball, she rarely gets reasonable contact. Betty sees that a big part of the issue is due to the poor placement of Vanessa's support leg, and also because Vanessa lacks synchrony between her upper and lower body.

When Vanessa does connect with the ball, she is not able to get it above the one-metre mark on the wall, and though the rebound sometimes comes back in Vanessa's direction, it is not consistent. Betty doesn't think Vanessa has played before, but she knows that with practice she'll get better. Betty places a mark halfway under “Initial”.