For this task, you’ll need 2 pylons (5 metres apart) 


“I want you to hop from this pylon to the next. I want you to hop as best you can. Please hop from here to there. Ready? Hop now.”

Rating System



Presence of numerous major gaps in execution

  • Fails to maintain single leg support and touches down opposite foot
  • Performs a jumping action
  • Upper body and lower body in asynchrony


Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task

  • Inconsistent distances and low amplitude of displacement (horizontal or vertical)
  • Balance control problems evident during progression
  • Starting is stutter-like
  • Stopping is sloppy and possibly over-hopping or premature ending



     Basic level of execution with minor     sequencing errors

  • Able to hop on one leg from start to end with medium distance hops
  • Evident aerial phase
  • May not employ opposite leg to assist
  • Distance may vary from hop to hop in mid-range
  • Start and stop control may be limited


     Overall proficiency is depicted by the     quality of the movements

  • Substantial hopping distance that is consistent in distance in mid-range
  • Immediate transition to hopping and immediate hop to stationary position at end
  • Continuity in motion
  • Good horizontal and/or vertical speed
  • Uses opposite lower limb and upper body in synchrony with the other lower limb

Assessment Example

Geri is a lifeguard at the community pool. She has agreed to run swimming lessons for seven-year-olds. Because she knows how important physical literacy is for swimming, she has requested that the kids show up early to each lesson so that she can assess her pupils' fundamental skills.

Today, she is leading them through PLAYfun's "Hop" task. Jennifer takes her turn and Geri can see the gaps in her development as well as the potential in her technique. When Jennifer hops, her movement is fluid, but after taking a couple she begins to lose her balance. Sometimes she has to step down with her opposite leg to keep from falling.

Although her pacing is erratic as she moves between the cones, Jennifer does well to maintain a fairly consistent medium-range distance from hop to hop. She sets herself up to reach the cone each time without coming up short or landing beyond. For the most part, Jennifer displays synchrony between her upper and lower body, though when her balance falters, so too does her coordination. Geri places a mark under “Emerging” edging on the side of “Competent”.