Lift and Lower


For this task, you’ll need:

  • Floor space
  • 1 ball


 “I want you lift up the ball above your head and then lower it back down to the ground. I want you to lift and then lower the ball as best you can. Ready? Go now.”

Rating System



Presence of numerous major gaps in execution

  • Has difficulty reaching the object
  • Fumbles in the lift or lower
  • Drops the object
  • Exhibits right-to-left shifts in lift or substantial body twisting


Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task

  • Transition between lift and lower segments is broken and not fluid
  • Exhibits swaying or minimal body-twisting



     Basic level of execution with minor sequencing errors

  • Able to control ball during lift and lower
  • Transition between lift and lower segments is slightly choppy
  • Some sway


     Overall proficiency is depicted by the quality of the movements

  • Fluid and controlled reach with momentary pause at lift
  • Secure grasp and synchronized lifting action from all body parts
  • May be a stoop or squat lift
  • Well-controlled descent and low-impact contact with ground

Assessment Example

Luke is a physician who is coaching a U12 girls' volleyball team. Admittedly, Luke is not an expert in volleyball, but he does know physical literacy. As long as he helps the girls become as physically literate as possible, he's confident their success in volleyball will follow.

He has each girl take a ball and spread out around the gym floor. Using his PLAYfun Tool, Luke asks that they all lift the ball above their heads and lower it back to the ground. The girls begin the task and Luke watches as Carly performs the drill with a high degree of competence.

She lifts and lowers the ball confidently with a secure grasp. She maintains control the whole time. The transition from lift to lower is smooth, and all her movements appear to be fluid. Also, her body is controlled and neither her limbs nor her trunk sways during the activity. Without having seen Carly playing volleyball on the court, he has a feeling she'll be competent when she does. He places a mark under “Proficient”.