Drop to the ground and get back up


For this task, you’ll only need floor space 


“I want you to drop to the ground and come right back up. I want you to drop to the ground and get back up as best you can. Ready? Go now.”

Rating System



Presence of numerous major gaps in execution

  • Sits down tentatively one limb at a time
  • Kneels first, then slowly sequences limbs to ground


Limited number of major gaps, but able to execute basic sequencing of the task

  • Places each limb down in succession but smoothly
  • Does not drop to floor



     Basic level of execution with minor     sequencing errors

  • Performs a “burpee-like” movement without fluid control
  • May show a longer pause on ground and lack fluidity between drop and coming back up


     Overall proficiency is depicted by the     quality of the movements

  • Person performs a controlled fall to a momentary stop on the ground
  • Rapidly and fluidly returns to standing position

Assessment Example

Dustin is a ski instructor who loves helping young kids who come through his program. When they first join, most of them are not able to stay up on the skis and spend most of their time sliding along the snow on their bodies. He takes great pleasure in seeing these kids get in control of their skis as well as their bodies. A big part of skiing is being physically literate, so Dustin has his students drop to the ground and get back up as part of their physical literacy warm-up.

Sarah is one of the smaller kids in this week's group, and he can tell she's shy. This is probably her first time skiing, and maybe she's not used to skills like these. He watches as she tentatively lowers herself to a sitting position, one limb at a time, with jerky movements. The next time she drops to her knees and pauses there before slowly standing back up.

Dustin hopes that as Sarah gets more comfortable with her surroundings and being around the group, she will explore her movements with a little more rigour instead of holding back. But at the same time, if it is a lack of skill development that's holding her back, he wants to make sure that she gets the adequate amount of time and instruction to help her learn these movements properly. For now, he places a mark under “Initial”.