Participant Step-by-Step Guide to Assessing Physical Literacy

Step 1. Registration

To register, click the big green button on the homepage. This will bring up a menu that will ask you to choose between registering as a leader or as a participant – select participant, and proceed to fill out your account information. Note that you will be able to edit these details once your account has been created.


Step 2. Starter Questions

After submitting your account information, you will be asked to answer two simple questions: “How often do you participate in sport or physical activity during the week? (Including PE class in school)”


“In total, how long are you physically active each day?”

These two questions are added to your profile and will give your leader an idea of your physical activity once you’ve joined their group. The important part here is to be honest – leaders will be better able to help you if you answer these questions honestly.


Step 3. Getting Started – Join a Group

After answering the two starter questions, you will need to join a group. To join a group, simply click on the header in the menu bar at the top of the page (between “Dashboard” and “My Profile”).

Once on the “Join a Group” page, type in your leader’s first and last name. Make sure that the name is spelled correctly, or the search may not find anything.

Once you have located your leader, you will see a list of groups that the leader is responsible for to the left of their name. Pick the group that you belong to, and then click “Join” on the far right hand side.

You’ll be able to type in a message to your leader to let them know that you want to join their group. Once your message is complete, click the “Join” button again, and the request will be sent to your leader.


Step 4. Leader’s Approval and the PLAYself Form

Once your leader has approved your request to join their group, you will see new “PLAYfun” and “PLAYself” icons on your dashboard. PLAYfun is filled out by your leader, and it will say “incomplete” until your leader submits the form.

Your job is to fill out PLAYself. To fill out the form, click the big “Do it” box, which will take you to the electronic form.

On the form, answer each question to the best of your abilities –there are no wrong answers.

Once you have answered all 28 questions, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. This will send your results to you and your leader.


Step 5. View your Scoresheet

Now that you’ve submitted your PLAYself assessment, you and your leader will be able to view your personalized scoresheet (which is available for download as a PDF as well).

You can view your scoresheet from a few different places:

  • From your dashboard
  • From the header “My Scoresheet” in the top menu bar
  • From the header “My Profile” in the top menu bar


We hope these instructions were clear. Your leader should be able to answer any additional questions that you may have.

For participants who have not yet registered, register here!

For participants who have already registered, head back to the dashboard to start assessing your physical literacy.