How the Site Works

Here you can fill out a PLAYfun, PLAYbasic or PLAYself assessment.

PLAYfun assesses 18 fundamental skills and tasks, such as running, throwing, kicking and balance.

PLAYbasic is a simplified version of PLAYfun that only assess 5 fundamental skills and tasks.

PLAYself  is used by children and youth to assess their own level of physical literacy.


Assessing physical literacy can be done in 3 steps:

Step 1. Register

It's simple and free. Register as a leader or as a participant.


Step 2. Create or Join a Group

Groups allow leaders and participants to organize and manage their assessments of physical literacy.

Step 3. Assess

Once a participant has joined a leader's group, the leader can fill out that participant's PLAYfun, PLAYbasic or PLAYself form.