Getting Started

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Step 2: How Does This Site Work?

Step 3: Decide How You Will Benefit 



Step 1: Learn the Basics

Before jumping head-first into the PLAY tools, you’ll need to know the basics. Do you understand each item in the following list?

If you don’t feel comfortable answering these questions, click the item to learn a bit more.
Once you know the basics, we can start assessing physical literacy!


Step 2: How Does This Site Work?

This site has two main functions: providing information on all the PLAY tools and providing an online platform to use the tools electronically.

Information about PLAY

To learn about the PLAY tools, visit the Learn More section on the Homepage. 

From there you can navigate through each PLAY tool to learn about how they are put together, what purpose each tool serves, who can do each assessment, and how you can apply the tools in your setting.
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all of the PLAY tools before proceeding.

Electronic Tools

Register with the PLAY website to access the full online platform.

Keep in mind that registration is 100% FREE. 

By registering with the PLAY site, you’ll gain access to a dashboard full of useful tools that allow you to track and improve physical literacy like never before.


Step 3: Decide How You Will Benefit

Are you here to learn about the PLAY tools? Visit the PLAY Tools page.

Do you want to record and track physical literacy over a longer period of time? Register here and start assessing!

As a participant, use this Step-by-Step Guide to assessing physical literacy.

Does this site have what you are looking for?  Contact us to let us know what’s missing or what you would like to see.